Our Mission

Uniting community and building strength and confidence that transfers to everyday life.

Our Story

We started in early 2017 with a vision of a becoming a living example of positive community built around this extremely healthy rock-climbing discipline.  Our vision involved opening up the benefits to the wider community. 

Globally, Bouldering is extremely popular as a recreational activity. It brings people together to solve interesting and challenging problems and the chemistry works.  However, we felt we needed to look at things differently.  So we established the team-based sport called the Ten4 Boulder League and placed it as the centerpiece of our community framework.

For many of our members, this is what we do.  It's now a part of our fabric and the supportive culture oozes through our veins.  However, it's not exclusive.  The physical benefits of this activity are so profound that the strength and confidence gains are truly complimentary and transfer to other sports and other areas of life.

Today, the Freestyle Bouldering Club operates from the Gym in Tamworth NSW with an ever-growing supportive culture and together with network of allied health professionals.  We're really only one chapter into a story that has many more to write.  Come write with us.

Chris & Bindi


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