The Ten4 Bouldering League is our team-based sport established in 2017. Categories: 

Opens A & B grade

High School A & B grade

Primary (yr 5 & 6)  

Youth Teams


How many players in a team?  Teams consist of 3-6 players in all categories.

Can I try it out if I don't have a team?  YES.  Just turn up and we'll work it out no problems. 

How do I try it out?  Youth may join through their school sport or come during the specified times. Primary school youth are $12 and High school youth are $16 for the one session before season commitment is required.  Players may join a team any time during the season.  Adult Members simply join a team or make a team.

Can I join during the season?  YES but not ideal.  Rest of Season registration is available online. 

Do I need to register?  YES. Online is best but can also be done in the gym.

How many seasons per year are there?  Four.  Round one of each season starts in week one of the school term. 

What do you need?  Water bottle, sanitising liquid chalk, climbing shoes and a willingness to have a go.  Hire shoes are included the registration and one bottle of $20 chalk is usually plenty for the full season.

Can the $100 Active Kids Voucher be used? - YES

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